Chiropractic Care and Fitness Go Hand-In-Hand

Posted on: January 23rd, 2017 by Danielle Hoeffner

OptiLife Chiropractic Care and Physical Fitness

Our philosophy at OptiLife Chiropractic is to offer complete care for our patients and encourage our patients to maintain healthy diets and exercise. This can help further heal your muscular or skeletal issues and strengthen your body. For the past year, Dr. Danielle Hoeffner has worked closely with First Fit Director Jim White to customize cardio and strength resistance exercises that are more suited for a patient’s recovery.

“Chiropractic care can fix alignment and injuries,” Jim says, “but maintaining proper muscle strength in the treated area can tremendously aid in healing.” Jim’s workouts are strategically put together to provide cardio and movements that mimic physical therapy techniques to enhance the strength of your legs, hips, and back.

“No matter what level of fitness you’re in, you can always work on specific areas, whether you’re rehabbing an injury or are an avid fitness buff,” Jim says.

Educating patients on the process of healing

Danielle and Jim share the common goal of fully educating patients about the healing process. They want patients to understand that proper nutrition, physical fitness and chiropractic care, when done in combination, can work wonders. This process can be easily maintained to ease pain and help your body get back to where it was before injury.

Danielle and Jim with First Fit at OptiLife Chiropractic in Florida

“I love that Danielle wants to see how her practice works in motion,” Jim says. “She wants you moving and seeing which adjustments are working best. … Once an injury has been treated, and she is comfortable with her patient’s ability to work out, she sends them to me to further strengthen their body, whether it is with specially modified personal training or group fitness classes.”

Timely, Efficient Care

First Fit is two doors down from OptiLife in Keystone Professional Park, so it’s even easier to visit us for your chiropractic needs and squeeze in a workout within the same hour.  We are extremely efficient with seeing patients quickly and not keeping them in the waiting room for longer than five minutes.

In a recent News Channel 8 interview, Danielle explains that if a fitness program can help with a patient’s rehabilitation, she can write a prescription for diagnosis, treatment duration and even equipment to use for therapy. All of it may be covered under your FSA or HSA plans.

Make this the year you take care of your body. If you suffer from chronic joint or muscle pain or have suffered from an injury, OptiLife Chiropractic can offer you a free exam to determine and approve your need for specialized fitness training to improve your condition. Call us today to schedule an appointment at 813-926-9500.

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