Dr. Metzger: Voted Tampa chiropractor of the year for 2020

by Tampa Style Magazine.

There are many things that make Dr.  Amanda Metzger so special.  Yes, she has great credentials and experience in prenatal and pediatric chiropractic.  However, what makes her so special is her dedication to her patients and the love and professionalism she puts into every adjustment.  Dr. Amanda takes her time with each and every patient to ensure she is giving them the best care possible with every visit.

You will notice the difference of the first visit when she performs several additional diagnostic tests to determine the full health of each patient.  Starting with the initial health history discussion, then onto diagnostic tests which include posture analysis, Insights CLA and possibly x-rays for non pregnant adults.  Dr. Metzger helps you understand how your body is currently functioning and how chiropractic adjustments straightens your spinal column helping your body relax, organs to work more efficiently and nerves to fire correctly.

Patients requiring additional help to improve their health and reduce inflammation will be treated with additional therapies such as TENS thearpy or Cold Laser therepy to reduce pain and swelling.  Flexion distraction  techniques may be used as warranted.

But this is all clinical descriptions of what Dr, Metzger does,  her patients will tell you why she is so special:

a month ago
I love this place. Dr Amanda is amazing, and really helped me with my pelvic pain during pregnancy. I tell everyone to go here, and if you are looking for a chiropractor, I promise this place is the best.  – Google Review

In describing Dr. Amanda’s work in two words, I would have to say this: remarkably thorough. These are the two words that I said to myself after leaving Optilife Chiropractic that day. While it is obvious that Dr. Amanda is both knowledgeable and passionate about her practice, her methodology was neither overwhelming or underwhelming when it came to ensuring what was in the patient’s best interests for chiropractic treatment. Her style of adjustment suited me, as did her attention to detail & clarity when explaining her methodology (consultation, biometrics, xrays) prior to the imminent adjustment protocol. Even afterwards, I was quite grateful in her body maintenance recommendations of a few stretch methods, and by not crossing my legs (that will be a difficult habit to break).

Altogether, my expectations for Dr. Amanda’s treatment were certainly high, given my prior experience with Virginia chiropractic doctors from 17 years before. Dr. Amanda Metzger exceeded them.