Dr. Erica D. Lopez

Drericapic Dr. Erica Lopez was born and raised in Rhode Island. She attended Umass Amherst and received her B.S. in Biology with a strong emphasis in Physiology. She later went on to attain her doctorate degree at Palmer the walk “. She has been practicing in the Tampa area for over 6 yrs and feels blessed to have such a fulfilling and life changing career. “The world needs more of a solution to the cause of their health problem not just a pill, potion or lotion to cover up symptoms. I believe in getting to the cause and working toward getting the body to heal and be at 100% function.” When she is not seeing patients, Dr Erica is enjoying her sweet, little daughter. She also likes to travel, relax on the beach, weight train, play sports, cook, and socialize with great friends. Dr. Erica is continuously serving our community and has prided herself on growing her practice through referrals and satisfied patients that bring their loved ones to her.