Our Chiropractic Approach

3d rendered anatomy illustration - painful backOur goal as Chiropractors is to restore optimum motion to the spine allowing the nerves leaving the spine to function at their optimal level. The spine, when prevented from moving properly, can experience nerve interference which may be felt as: neck pain, back pain, extremity pain, joint degeneration, bulging discs, muscles spasm, headaches, jaw pain, numbness, tingling, muscle weakness, indigestion, heart palpitations, visual changes, headache or other tissue dysfunctions. At OptiLife Chiropractic in Tampa, we provide several treatment options for our patients. We primarily adjust using the most widely known techniques called Diversified and Gonstead. However, if any of our patients are more comfortable with lighter approaches or, where other techniques are indicated, we utilize Activator, Thompson or Flexion/Distraction methods. Call us today for a free consultation and experience one of the safest, most beneficial, and well rounded healthcare options available. 813 926-9500