Herniated Disc Treatment in Tampa

Discs act as your body’s shock absorbers and as shock distributors protecting your bony vertebrae and cushioning the impact of a jump and steps? If one of these discs is herniated (often referred to as bulging discs or slipped discs) your spine can’t function properly. Movement becomes painful.

Our OptiLife chiropractors may be able to help.

What chiropractic care can do for your herniated disc

Many people experience no symptoms from a herniated disk, but some experience severe pain or discomfort. But for many patients a herniated disk can irritate nearby nerves and result in pain, numbness and/or weakness in an arm or leg. The good news is that most people who have a bulging disk don’t need surgery to correct the problem; chiropractic treatments often provide a less invasive and safer option.

The OptiLife approach

At your initial appointment at our Tampa office, our chiropractors will take a look at your medical history, do a physical exam, and run a battery of initial chiropractic tests. We will take X-rays to understand the severity of your herniated disc injury. We will carefully look at your posture, and order any other diagnostic imaging or tests, if necessary, to help with the diagnostic process.

Our doctors will look for several things:

These are important questions the orthopedic exams can help answer before our chiropractors create a treatment plan for you.

Our chiropractors evaluate the entire spine – to help protect the injured disc, to evaluate potential other weaknesses that could aggravate the condition and to help you avoid future injuries. Our OptiLife chiropractors want to see how well your spine is functioning overall.

After reviewing all of the information, our doctors can determine if you have a bulging disc injury.

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