Chiropractic FAQs

Q: Who should visit a chiropractor?
A: Anyone who is experiencing pain in their back, neck, jaw, shoulders, ribs, knees, ankles, arms or hands as well as individuals with headaches, dizziness and/or balance problems.
A: Anyone who hasn’t been to a chiropractor on a periodic basis to have their joints, muscles and nerves functioning at optimal levels.

Q: What do chiropractors do?
A: Chiropractors use a number of gentle techniques to relieve pain and restore normal function, often patients feel better shortly after their treatments.

Q: How much time will I spend at the Chiropractic office?
A: The initial visit includes a significant conversation about your health and movement as well as a number of tests to determine which approach will work best. That visit will likely last between a half hour and one hour. Subsequent visits usually average 30 minutes.