Chiropractic Sports Treatments

Chiropractic sports treatments and adjustments and therapies successfully treat many common sports injuries, including knee pain, shin splints, and joint pain in the shoulders, elbow, wrists, knees, and ankles.  In addition, hematomas or bruising often coincide with many of these types of sports injuries.  Chiropractic sports treatments are often the best choice for nonbroken bone injuries such as sprains, strains, muscle pulls, and hematomas.

Dr. Hoeffner, Dr. Molina and Dr. Lauren are active athletes who understand the importance of keeping your body in good health for optimal performance.  From preventative treatments to treating challenging sports injuries, Optilife can help get you back to playing your best quickly.

Optilife also specializes in sports or kinesiology taping designed to help heal injuries, reduce strain on injured muscles and ligaments, and prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

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Chiropractic sports treatments

Chiropractic Sports Therapy for Sports Injuries and Prevention

Sports injuries come in many shapes and sizes and when you least expect them.  Optilife can take a quick x-ray to ensure there are no broken bones and then get to work in helping you heal fast and get back to the field.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser & Physical Therapy

Cold Laser and physical therapy treatments are used as therapeutic options in treating many different sports injuries.  Cold Laser treatments help to reduce inflamation and promote the healing process.  Physical therapies are used to stretch and strengthen muscle groups which will support proper alignment of the spine.

massage therapy for sports injuries

Traction and Decompression Therapy

Spinal traction and decompression therapy are commonly used to reduce pressure on the spine when discs become compressed due to over use or injury.  Optilife is equipped with  spinal decompression and traction adjustment tables to provide safe and effective traction and decompression therapy for our patients.

Kinesiology sports tape

Kinesiology (sports) taping

Kinesiology Tape is made of cotton and nylon and is designed to mimic the skin.  When applied properly, it will slightly life the skin creating a space between the skin and tissues helping to reduce inflammation and reduce hematomas.  Kinesiology tape can also help to support muscles and reduce joint pain.

“Dr. Hoeffner listens to you, which is more than many other chiropractors I have seen. She takes her time to make sure she adjusts anything that needs adjusting (including knees and ankles), and works with you if you do not like strong manual adjustments. Unlike some chiropractors, she lets you come on your own schedule, rather than requiring a certain number of visits per month. Overall, she allows you to choose the best treatment plan for your life. Additionally, she has other therapy techniques to assist in your recovery and the office staff are very courteous. Finally, the therapy dogs make the entire visit even more enjoyable!”

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