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Pediatric chiropractors Dr. Rachel Wroblewski and Dr. Danielle Hoeffner love to treat kids from infancy to Adulthood. Children of all ages can benefit from gentle child-specific chiropractic adjustments. Strong evidence suggests kids Chiropractic treatments may help resolve many common childhood conditions, including:

  • colic,
  • ear infections,
  • scoliosis,
  • asthma,
  • headaches,
  • allergies
  • bed wetting.

Studies show that pediatric chiropractors may help children overcome developmental and behavioral problems.  Optilife doctors have had many success stories treating children with various conditions.

Todder being adjusted on pediatric table

Optilife Pediatric Chiropractor   Once a complete pediatric evaluation is completed, Dr. Rachel uses gentle adjustment techniques using gentle manual adjustments, an Activator,  and a drop table.  These techniques ensure that pediatric chiropractic adjustment is gentle and pain-free.

When requested, our therapy dogs can help out Dr. Rachel to ensure the kids have fun during their visit.


Whether born naturally or via C-section, your baby endures traumatic stresses to their spine and spinal cord while coming into this world. Therefore, chiropractic care is very important for infants and children of all ages as they grow.

Pediatric patient relaxing with therapy dog - Goose

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