Dr. Alan Molina, DC

Dr. Alan Molina is a board-certified chiropractor  practicing at Optilife serving the greater Tampa area and other surrounding communities.

Dr. Molina specializes in assisting individuals live healthier, pain-free lives. His restorative approach may include chiropractic adjustments, rehabilitation and sports performance therapy depending on the patients needs.

Dr. Alan Molina, DC Optilife chiropractor - Tampa, Fl
Dr. Alan Molina Adjusting a patient
Dr. Molina working on functional restoration and physical Therapy

About Dr. Alan Molina


Dr. Alan Molina, a Florida native, has been residing in the Bay Area for 25 years. He holds degrees in Biology and Psychology from the University of South Florida. After completing his bachelor’s degree, Dr. Molina worked in pain management. However, he became disenchanted with the prescription-heavy approach to pain management prevalent in our healthcare system.

Driven by a desire to be on the preventative side of healthcare, Dr. Molina pursued a career in strength and conditioning. He opened his own training facility, which strongly emphasized rehabilitation and sports performance. Over a decade, Dr. Molina served thousands of clients in Tampa.

Eventually, Dr. Molina decided to sell his gym and enroll in the chiropractic medicine program at the National University of Health Sciences. This step allowed him to develop his skill sets further and assist individuals in living healthier, pain-free lives. His motto, “Consistency is the greatest healing tool,” is a guiding principle in his practice. Dr. Molina continuously seeks further education to enhance his treatment acumen and provide comprehensive education to his patients inside and outside the office.

Dr. Molina enjoys spending quality moments with his wife Brittany and their son Alfie during his free time. He also indulges in his passions for traveling the world, surfing, long-distance paddle boarding, and weight training.



  • Doctor of Chiropractic:  National University
  • Bachelor of Biology: University of South Florida
  • President, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity
  • Deans List
  • U.S. F. Judiciary Board



  • F.A.K.T.R/F.T.M.I: instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation and Biomechanical
  • Taping: provided by Gregory Doerr, D.C
  • C.S.C.S: Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, 2012
  • ASM CPT/CES/PES: Personal training certification with joined Corrective Exercise and Performance Specialist
  • Active Isolated Stretching: Training provided by Aaron Mattes

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Optilife Chiropractic Services

General Chiropractic Care

In Tampa, Optilife Chiropractic leverages top-tier technology and proven chiropractic treatment methodologies to relieve pain.  Chiropractic treatment establishes a supportive base of movement that enables you to navigate life stronger and healthier.  Most patients experience a significant reduction in pain after their first adjustment.

Auto and Work Accidents

If you or someone you know has been injured in a car accident, Florida personal injury guidelines mandate that you receive initial treatment within 14 days of injury from a hospital, primary care, urgent care, or chiropractic facility. Pain from injuries may not be felt for a few days or more. It is highly recommended that you see a chiropractor immediately after an auto or work-related accident.

Prenatal and Pediatric

OptiLife has two prenatal and pediatric specialists on staff. Optilife chiropractors have extensive specialized training in caring for mothers, moms-to-be, and children. Dr. Daniel Hoeffner and Dr. Lauren Myers are both ICPA-certified in the care of newborns and young children and certified in the Webster technique.

Sports Injuries and Optimization

As an athlete, you understand that even a minor injury can interfere with your training and active lifestyle. Our Tampa Chiropractors recognize the need for proactive and restorative sports rehabilitation and therapy. Dr. Hoeffner has worked with several Tampa high school sports teams and local athletes.


Cold Laser Treatments

Cold laser therapy is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure offered by Optilife . The laser light interacts with tissue causing the occurrence of certain photochemical reactions stimulating the natural biological processes. Optilife has used cold laser therapy to treat sports injuries, shingles rash, poor circulation and more.

Acupunture Therapy

Dr. Rachel Wroblewski practices chiropractic therapy and is a certified acunpucture therapist.  Acupuncture is very effective in increasing blood flow, reducing chronic pain, stimulating the bodies immune system, relaxes muscles and helps to reduce stress.  Talk to Dr. Rachel or our staff to learn more about acupunture or to schedule an appointment.

“I came into OptiLife with low back pain from playing football at school, after a couple adjustments I was already experiencing rapid pain relief and better sleep. I was soon able to stop taking pain relievers and sleeping aids, I would absolutely refer friends and family to this office, the treatments are great and the staff really cares. This was the best treatment I’ve ever had, I was able to find a real solution, just come and visit and you’ll see for yourself!”

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