Work and Auto Accident Chiropractors

Injuries resulting from auto accidents, work injuries or falls can be debilitating.  Suddenly your life is turned upside down by a car accident.  Emergency doctors will simply check you out to ensure you have no life threatening injuries.  Their assessment does not mean you do not have a possible disc injury, whiplash, concussion, or other non life threatening soft tissue injuries.  Further assessment by a chiropractor can determine the diagnosis of possible injuries.  At Optilife we can also take xrays on site and order a MRI.  If left untreated a person could have long term pain and dysfunction. Therefore,. you need the professional care of Optilife trained auto accident chiropractors.  Our facility qualifies under the 14 day auto accident requirement by insurance companies.

Optilife’s Auto accident chiropractors can significantly reduce your pain and restore your health after an accident.  It is recommended that you visit a chiropractor within 24 hrs or as soon as possible after any type of accident.  X-rays will be taken on site if necessary.  After careful analysis of the x-rays and other advanced diagnostics, your Optilife chiropractor will listen carefully to you and learn where your pain is located.  If an MRI is warranted, Optilife will send you to one of their trusted MRI imaging partners.

Auto Accident Chiropractors:  Whiplash Injury Treatments

Optilife chiropractors has successfully treated hundreds of whiplash and other auto accident injuries.  We have many therapies designed to treat whiplash injuries speeding up recovery time and reducing pain.  Additionally, we can assist with your accident paperwork and recommend a trusted lawyer as needed.  We’ll assist with insurance claims and paperwork, and act as your advocate until you are back to 100% health and your case has been settled.

Each case is treated individually based on the extent of the injury.  You will not be asked to sign long term treatment contracts.

Don’t go it alone after an auto accident! Let Optilife Auto Accident Chiropractors get you on to the road to recovery after an auto accident injury.


Experienced Doctors

Our Doctors see hundreds of patients each week in an efficient and friendly office environment.  Our goal is not to have any patients wait, but we are committed to keeping any wait times to under 5 minutes. Learn more about Dr. Danielle Hoeffner and Dr. Rachel Wroblewski


Professional & Friendly Staff

Our office staff will assist with new patient paperwork,  PIP auto accident forms, insurance eligibility and administering different physical therapies to our patients.


No Extra Fees

Most major health insurance policies are accepted including Medicare.  Auto accident patients are encouraged to call within 24 hours of an accident.  There will be no additional charges over insurance co-pays after deductibles are met.  Affordable cash plans are available for non insured patients.


Same Day Appointments

Call by 3 pm and we can usually get you in the same day.  New patient forms can be downloaded here or sent via email to help speed up your first visit.  We strive to provide your first adjustment the same day as your examination.  You can expect your first visit to last between 30-60 minutes with follow-up visits. typically lasting 10-15 minutes.


Walk-In's Accepted

If you are a first time patient, please call for an appointment in advance by at least an hour, Our regular patients are welcome to stop by when in need and close by.  We will work hard to get you in no matter when you arrive during business hours.


CGC Awarded Companion Dogs

Patients are often nervous when going to see a doctor.  Cooper and Goose our Canine Good Citizen Certified (AKC) golden retrievers are ready with a wagging tail when you arrive.  If you are afraid or allergic to dogs, no worries, they can stay in the back office.  Cleanliness and Sanitation is of the highest priority.

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Same Day Appointments are Often Available.

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