From high impact activities on joints to muscle-jolting sports, we understand the physical demands that athletes and dancers impose on their bodies. Here at OptiLife, we treat all kinds of sports injuries. If you play basketball, baseball, tennis, racquetball, volleyball, golf, dance, workout in a gym, or run regularly – we can treat your current injuries and help prevent future ones.

The difference between strains and sprains

A strain is a stretch or tear of a muscle or tendon. Strains typically result from repetitive movement during strenuous workouts or sports activities such as swinging or throwing. Strain symptoms include immediate swelling, bruising or redness and may be commonly caused by improper stretching or warm up techniques.

A sprain is a stretch or tear of a ligament. Falling, twisting or getting hit can force a joint out of its normal position. Sprains often occur in the ankle or wrist. Symptoms include bruising, tenderness around the ankle and pain when pressure is applied.

Football player running

Chiropractic care for your sports-related injuries

In a recent article from the University of Maryland, research showed that joint manipulation on people with ankle sprains worked better than anti-inflammatory medication in improving range of motion in the joint. This proves that chiropractic care has the added benefit of being a more natural way to relieve pain and reduce dependency on pain relieving medications. A former patient of Dr. Danielle Hoeffner, chiropractor and medical director at OptiLife, was able to stop taking pain relievers and sleeping aids after being treated for football-related back pains. Here is his testimonial:

“I came into OptiLife with low back pain from playing football at school. After a couple adjustments, I was already experiencing rapid pain relief and better sleep. I was soon able to stop taking pain relievers and sleeping aids. I would absolutely refer friends and family to this office. The treatments are great and the staff really cares. This was the best treatment I’ve ever had. I was able to find a real solution. Just come and visit and you’ll see for yourself!”-Shawn Z.

As a former NCAA scholarship basketball player, Danielle has a knack for sports injuries. The care we provide at Optilife Chiropractic will help improve your healing time, prevent re-injury and lower chances of permanent injury.

We provide a functional movement screening and a selective functional movement analysis for our patients. This helps us evaluate movement dysfunctions, thus preventing and predicting sports injuries. Our recommendations may include a customized physical therapy or sports rehab program to stretch and strengthen your injury and get you back to doing the activities you love.

We treat a variety of conditions here at OptiLife. If you’re experiencing pain from a recent strain or sprain and would like to improve your overall function to prevent future injuries, please call us today for an appointment.