Headaches and Migraine Relief in Tampa

Headaches can certainly ruin your day and a migraine headache can bring you to your knees. OptiLife Chiropractic offers effective treatments for headaches and migraines at our Tampa location servicing patients in Westchase and Citrus Park FL by targeting the underlying cause of your pain.

Patients suffering from chronic headaches and migraines may benefit more from long-term chiropractic care than drug therapy, alone.

Many headaches originate in the cervical or neck areas. When that occurs, adjustments often alleviate the pain very quickly as tired and stressed muscles relax.

Tension and stress headaches

Tension headaches often occur when the upper back and neck vertebrae are misaligned. This often causes muscles spasm affecting the attached tendon and the pain-sensitive tissue covering the brain. A chiropractic treatment can realign your vertebrae which helps relieve the pain. When paired with physical therapy, relaxation techniques and nutrition and lifestyle changes we often see better and more long lasting relief.

Migraine relief at OptiLife

The first step in effective migraine treatment is determining the underlying cause. Our chiropractors will take the time to explore your health history and evaluate your health before recommending a course of treatment.

Of course, there are many factors that can trigger a migraine – especially in Florida where temperature and environmental factors come into play. In cases in which a misalignment of your spine is triggering your migraines, the misalignment can place pressure on nearby nerves and muscles. Chiropractic care most often provides relief.

If migraine headaches are severely compromising your quality of life, we can help. Dr. Hoeffner has helped many migraine sufferers find relief from their pain – and she can help you, too.

If OptiLife determines that your migraines are not caused by misalignment we will refer you to the best physicians in the area to explore additional treatment options.

Migraine treatments addressing the source of the pain

Regardless of the type of headache or the severity of your symptoms, Dr. Hoeffner will evaluate your individual situation and come up with a treatment plan. Once diagnosed, Dr. Hoeffner will work to gently and effectively take pressure off the nerves affected by realigning your vertebrae. In many cases, this resolves the headache triggers and can bring about complete resolution. However, in some cases, we recommend continual treatment to prevent future issues.

Call our Tampa office at (813) 926-9500 today and learn how a chiropractic treatment can ease your chronic headaches or migraines.