Neck Pain Relief in Tampa

At OptiLife Chiropractic we provide several treatment options for our patients suffering from chronic neck pain.

Neck pain can stem from numerous causes:

 Diagnosing neck pain

Chronic neck pain can be debilitating.

An experienced chiropractor recognizes that the underlying problem is not always found in the neck. The pain may be caused somewhere in the upper, middle or lower back. At OptiLife, our chiropractors will conduct a full exam and evaluation of your vertebral column to diagnose the root cause and lay out a customized treatment plan. One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to chronic neck pain.

Can chiropractic treatment ‘fix’ my neck pain?

As long as surgery isn’t the best alternative, chiropractic care offers an ideal solution for chronic neck pain. It is a noninvasive, drug-free alternative. Rather than just addressing the symptoms, our OptiLife chiropractors target the underlying causes to relieve the neck-related aches that may impact your daily life.

Our approach to treating chronic neck pain

Your evaluation begins with evaluating your range of motion and posture while you walk, giving the chiropractor an indication of whether the joints in your spine are moving properly. If needed X-rays are taken to provide a clear visualization of your spine.

Our goal as chiropractors is to restore complete motion to the spine allowing the nerves leaving the spine to function at their optimal level. The spine, when prevented from moving properly, can experience nerve interference which may be felt as neck pain.

We primarily utilize the most widely known adjustment techniques – Diversified and Gonstead. We also use other spinal manipulation techniques to relieve lower back pain and improve physical function. We also utilize lighter approaches, including: Activator, Thompson or Flexion/Distraction methods.

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