We have all been consumed by the challenges posed by the Covid 19 virus; there’s a lot of information out there but the understanding of how the body is responding to this virus isn’t completely clear.

Let’s talk about Vitamin C’s role in virus immunity and as a therapeutic.

It’s not likely that Vitamin C will prevent the Covid 19 virus from striking but it may be very important in fighting the Covid 19 virus once it strikes. Vitamin C is required for the proper development and function of many systems within our bodies, but it is particularly vital when it comes to cardiovascular function (blood going to every cell in an efficient manner), as well as immune homeostasis (making sure the body is working effectively). Covid 19 weakens these systems which is why you have been hearing about patients with underlying medical problems struggling with the disease.

When an individual who is immune compromised is exposed to the virus, they start to have symptoms. At first, they may feel run down, have a fever, a cough and body aches. These are the body’s normal immune reactions to the virus’ attack. While this is happening, cytokines, small proteins which are part of the body’s defense mechanism are attacking the virus creating an inflammatory immune response. For most individuals this is a positive sign that the body is successfully fighting the virus.

For those with compromised immune systems, a Cytokine Storm Syndrome may occur. The body starts sounding its version of a fire alarm, over and over and over again. The body creates too much inflammation and as a result begins damaging healthy cells which can then lead to pneumonia and/or organ failure. Unfortunately, in the case of Covid 19, this syndrome occurs most often in the elderly, immune compromised and those with other core co-morbidites.

Take Vitamin C on a daily basis and increase the dose when feeling sick.  This will enhance your immune homeostasis and cardiovascular repair. As a result, hospitals worldwide are prescribing large intravenous Vitamin C doses to those hospitalized with COVID-19.

There’s no guarantee that healthy Vitamin C levels in all individuals will fend off the virus.  However Vitamin C’s  ability to fight inflammation and reduce stress is well documented.

We recommend that you consume 1000 – 2000 mg of Vitamin C everyday while drinking plenty of fluids. Maintain your social distancing, get plenty of sleep and come in for adjustments to maintain optimum wellness.