Chiropractic Care has many benefits during pregnancy.

Chiropractic adjustments help to ensure a more comfortable pregnancy while your body is going through the many changes come with it. Research has shown that adding gentle chiropractic adjustments to your health care routine has many benefits including:

  1. Decreasing labor times by up to 60%
  2. Helping to reduce nausea or morning sickness.
  3. Relieving back, neck and joint pain related to pregnancy and everyday stress.
  4. Reducing the need for cesarean sections and other interventions by improving the alignment of the pelvic bones.

After delivery, chiropractic care expedites the recovery from the changes your body sustained during birth by ensuring proper alignment so you can be the best mom you can be for your new addition! For more information on chiropractic care during pregnancy visit the American Pregnancy website.

Dr. Rachel Wroblewski and Dr. Danielle Hoeffner are both trained to treat women during their pregnancies. Optilife Chiropractic has special adjustment pillows and tables to provide better chiropractic care during pregnancy.

What can I expect from my chiropractor during pregnancy?

The doctor should perform a detailed evaluation of your health and medical history during the initial visit. Next, she will explain the normal treatment protocol based on your health and how far along you may be in your pregnancy. The goal is to balance the pelvis and sacrum providing the optimal amount of room for the growth of the fetus during pregnancy.  This takes the tension off the Uterus since it is attached to these structures allowing the baby to get into the best birth position.

The Webster technique was developed by Larry Webster, founder of the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association).  This technique is composed of a specific sacral adjustment and muscle work to restore balance to the pelvis.

If you are pregnant and are looking for relief, we encourage you to call for an appointment with Dr. Rachel Wroblewski. Call 813 926-9500 for more information. We accept most major insurances or can set up an affordable care plan as needed.